Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why Blog?

As a public relations student at Humber College we have been taught how to get our company out there on the web and in the media.  We’ve been told how to use Twitter and blogs to give a large corporate entity a face and a soul.
Last week, in our final semester, we learned something new.  We talked about global companies (Coca-Cola, IBM, Sony) and why branding matters to them.  We were then poised with the question, “Shouldn’t you care about your [brand]?”  We were shown the importance of creating our own brand using websites, blogs, and social media sites as an outlet to showcase our personality and flare.
It seems, especially in public relations, that a personal blog is becoming a must.  So, I thought to myself, “What is my brand?”
I always thought blogs were interesting, but what do I have to share with the world?  The thought has been percolating for a few months, but now, maybe the brew is ready.
See, one thing this course has taught me is to know the world around me.  It has taken three years, but now I can truly say, I read the paper daily—and I enjoy it!
Furthermore, I like relaying and sharing what I learn with those around me.  And so, I discovered what I, Amber Murphy, have to share with the World Wide Web and blogosphere, and it’s simple: what I read and what I think.
So here it goes!

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